A Unique Sports Centre in Canada

Field-based Initiatives

In Mauricie region, you’ll find a multi-sports centre that’s unique in Canada. Centre Adrénaline Urbaine is a complex where you can ski all year-round in a snow park on the roof of an indoor skatepark, with a course inspired by the TV show Ninja Warrior and a rock-climbing wall. So, if there is anyone who still thinks that sports facilities are underdeveloped in Mauricie, we can now say quite the opposite.

Adrénaline Urbaine has democratized action sports by making them accessible to a wider community. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, young or old, you can have fun, experiment and evolve in a safe environment surrounded by passionate professionals. The centre aims to be a place where parents and their children can connect and share moments of closeness through the practice of different action sports. Adrénaline Urbaine offers a unique opportunity for parents to move from the role of spectator to that of a significant player in their child’s development. 

A Place for Many Occasions

The Centre Adrénaline Urbaine is a great place to come on any occasion. Whether it’s with classmates or for an office happy hour, the possibilities are endless. 

And let’s face it, coming to the centre to discover action sports is pretty exciting. It’s a far cry from the traditional badminton, ringette or dodgeball classes in high school. Adrénaline Urbaine welcomes school groups from Mauricie region and throughout Quebec to its facilities. On the business side, it’s possible to replace your ordinary office happy hour with a scooter-riding happy hour between 2 glasses of wine. Far from boring!

From a very early age, Francis-Olivier, owner of Adrénaline Urbaine, wanted to make his mark in the action sports industry. As well as making a dream come true with the opening of the centre, the entrepreneur is involved in a number of other events in the region: Défis Hors Piste, a skatepark and wake park in the Trois-Rivières expo pool, and proud presenting partner of the Tribal Fest in Shawinigan. There are no limits to ideas in Mauricie. Everyone’s fired up when something new comes along! Francis-Olivier has been encouraged from the outset with his various projects.

The entrepreneur is very proud of his Mauricie region and the possibility of building a huge centre where people can share their passion, learn about different sports and develop their skills. In his view, the region leaves plenty of room for ambition where one can develop community initiatives as well as innovative projects.

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