Ariane: A health sciences student with no shortage of opportunities

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From elementary school to CEGEP, Ariane has studied all her life in the Mauricie region, and more specifically in Trois-Rivières. Whether at Val-Marie in elementary school, Institut Keranna in high school or Cégep de Trois-Rivières, where she is currently studying natural sciences, Ariane has always felt she could contribute to the local community and evolve. In fact, she’s thinking of staying in the area for university. She has trouble imagining herself going anywhere other than the Mauricie region for higher education when everything is accessible in Trois-Rivières, where she grew up. She knows that if she has to go elsewhere, it will be to come back afterwards and settle down as a doctor in Mauricie.

Ariane has dreamed of becoming a doctor ever since she was a little girl and this is where she puts all her academic efforts. Now that the Université de Montréal has a joint program in medicine with the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, she foresees her superior studies in the Mauricie region, which would be her number one pick. The campus, renowned for its medical program, offers students like her the unique opportunity to access the anatomy lab. This practical learning experience is a real asset for medical students, allowing them to apply the theory they learn in class and truly feel like they’re in the field. She had the opportunity to get a tour of the establishment and saw that a smaller, closer-to-the-teachers program was really what she was looking for – and what the campus in Trois-Rivières was offering. The top-quality hospitals in the area further enhance the learning environment, making it unnecessary for Ariane to consider studying medicine in Montréal.

The educational infrastructure in the Mauricie region is not just about the top-ranked university programs or the state-of-the-art schools. It’s about the warm and supportive environment that Ariane experienced throughout her academic journey. From the efforts made by the school to make new students feel at ease to the support staff who helped her grow, Ariane’s schooling has fostered a sense of community and support that she deeply appreciates. This is what truly makes her proud of Mauricie.

And when Ariane isn’t enjoying complicated subjects, she continues to be just as involved in her local area—and particularly in her former high school—as a flag-football coach and with the school foundation. Even though she’s graduated, she feels she still has a place there. All this volunteer work has enabled her to develop important friendships and give her a great sense of belonging. She also takes full advantage of the nature and sports facilities that the Mauricie region has to offer. She is definitely striking the right balance for a future medical student in the Mauricie region!

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