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Would you be surprised if we told you that the only company with the resources and expertise to transport the longest piece of equipment ever moved on Quebec roads was in the Mauricie region? Not us, because in Mauricie, our companies are doing great things. Groupe Bellemare, the organization behind this operation, has always been a source of pride and success in the region.

A Major Company With a Wide Range of Services

Bellemare is a 3rd-generation family business that has been established in the Mauricie region for over 100 years. We’re proud to have this successful organization on our doorstep. The company has grown and innovated over the years, offering transportation, concrete, construction container rental, paving, recycling, landfill, abrasives and minerals, and much more. Bellemare offers an impressive and diversified range of services throughout North America, all on a human scale. The company was born out of a very small project: moving a string of houses on Route 138 during roadwork.

Closeness to Employees

Today, the company employs 500 people, but that doesn’t stop it from maintaining a close relationship with its employees. “We love our employees, and being close to them is very important to us.” It’s not just words; employees are given the opportunity to take the place they want and become important players in the company. For Bellemare, academic knowledge is important, but it doesn’t compete with learning from life. “It could be that someone has a secondary 2 (grade 8) and ends up running a complete sector.” Passion, determination and leadership are key values for moving up in the company.

Customers for Whom There Is Always a Solution

The solution to everything is the key to the company’s success. Every day, Bellemare strives to find innovative solutions for its customers. That’s why the company has built up such a huge market share. “If you have a complicated situation that requires the right result, you always have the solution,” says one Bellemare customer. For the company’s president, Serge, the key to being the solution at all times, to all problems, is to continually renew oneself, whether through seminars, conferences or even by recruiting people with new and diversified expertise. “Sometimes you go out to see a machine and come back with a head full of ideas for innovation.”

A Major Operation for Bellemare 

There is nothing this company can’t do, and we had proof of this when the launcher nicknamed “Marie” arrived at its destination on March 4th to assemble and install the aerial structure of the REM in Montréal. It was an extraordinary transportation operation. It was not lightweight that the team in place had to move. We’re talking 126 tons over a length of 87 metres. Part of the freeway had to be completely closed to allow the launcher to pass from the Mauricie region to the metropolis. Group Bellemare was the only company able to carry out this delicate operation, primarily because of its expertise in transporting oversized objects and because of their constant research and development. 

The Mauricie region has always been a lever for business. Whether at the political or municipal level, there has always been a good symbiosis between the players. Mauricie doesn’t limit people’s ideas, it helps them get off the ground, and Bellemare is proof of this. 

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