Christine, a Strong Connection with her Region

Insights on La Mauricie

Mauricie is big! If you drive on Route 155, you’ll discover some breathtaking scenery. Halfway along the route, you can stop in La Tuque, a town with two cultures so different, yet so close at the same time: First Nations and non-Aboriginal people. It’s relatively small, surrounded by wide open spaces and populated with great people.  Christine Jean is proof of this. A member of the Innu First Nation of Mashteuiatsh and now Executive Director of the Wapan Rehabilitation Centre, she has chosen to live her life in this close-knit community.

Christine has visited some major centres and her jobs have taken her out of her hometown. Despite this, she chose La Tuque for its lifestyle, a lifestyle in the centre of a large green area where everything is connected to nature. La Tuque gives you access to zenitude, no need to drive three hours to breathe. “I get off work, walk 15 steps and I’m on the cross-country ski track.” An outdoor girl, Christine loves to take advantage of her territory and enjoy a range of activities, from snowmobiling and snowshoeing in winter to forest walking and cycling in summer. Occasionally, she also visits local outfitters and goes for walks in her own community. Never tired of the beauty of her vast territory, Christine has even decided to buy a cottage in the same region, close to Wemotaci.

From a more atypical background, Christine has built a great career in the Atikamekw community of La Tuque. After returning to school, she faced many challenges. Very involved in her community and her work, she has sat on a number of boards, committees and working groups. “My school has really been like that for me. I’ve had a lot of mentors who have influenced me and helped me develop in my community.”

Christine knows more than ever that she belongs in this vast, green area. The sense of belonging she has with her community has long since won her heart. “We know our neighbours here. You can’t go to a place in La Tuque without having a bond that unites you.”

For Christine, Mauricie is vast, but the people are so close. What’s more, she has high hopes for the future of her town, with the arrival of new young people in La Tuque in recent years. “I’m hopeful about what’s to come. It makes me want to stay here. It’s great to see!”

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