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Field-based Initiatives

The Mauricie region is brimming with people who are committed, passionate, far-sighted and who think big. It’s thanks to them that we’re able to set up some really exciting projects. And just because we’re in a village doesn’t mean we don’t have the means to innovate for our children. The three primary school initiatives that are attracting families to our municipalities of Maskinongé, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc and Saint-Adelphe are proof of this. And they’re even creating waiting lists! It’s a far cry from village schools threatened with closure! Hats off to these innovators.

A Laboratory School in Maskinongé

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Lab-School at the RCM of Maskinongé took place on September 16, 2021. What is a Lab-School? It’s the future of our schools in Quebec, a project that puts the well-being of the students and everyone around them first. Designed to be a shared living space for the community and students, this Lab-School will provide a healthy and active learning environment. There will be a large gymnasium for a variety of sports, which will also be accessible to the Maskinongé community. In the centre, there will be a large dining hall divided into several smaller areas to create different atmospheres that will meet the specific needs of each age group. 

To introduce children to food and agriculture, the school will have a kitchen with a workspace that can be adapted to suit different age groups. The proximity of various foods from local producers will also enable children to learn mathematics, French and other subjects.

When you think of a healthy and active lifestyle, it’s inevitable to have outdoor spaces where you can learn and grow in nature. The school’s pupils and staff will be growing a large vegetable garden outside and use it for teaching sessions in the classroom area set aside for the purpose.

This school won’t just be a place to learn academically, but a place to learn emotionally. It will be a community hub to bring together the different spheres of the village.

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An Alternative School in Saint-Adelphe

This project, an alternative to the traditional teaching of recent years, is another great success of which we are proud. To move forward and evolve, you have to innovate. That’s what the Primadel Elementary School in Saint-Adelphe decided to do. With a new vocation, it has now become an alternative school. 

“We’re lucky in Mékinac. Because we’re not in a metropolis, we don’t have a large population, but having this here in Saint-Adelphe has doubled the number of students in our school.” Marie-Pierre Morin, mother of a student (testimonial gathered during a report by Caroline Laplante, Ici Radio-Canada).

One of the hallmarks of the school’s teaching approach is project-based learning. Young people’s interests are brought to the fore so that they can be exploited in their learning. As collaboration is a fundamental pillar of this type of teaching, parents are invited to become involved in their children’s school life for around 25 hours a year to support the teachers, for example, in a class or on a school outing. 

Mutual support is an essential and complementary link in this learning style. This is why we have multi-curricular classes that allow students in higher cycles to help their peers in lower cycles.

There’s no shortage of exciting news like this in our area. 

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A School Environment in Nature at Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc

The Tortue-des-Bois alternative school in the municipality of Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc offers children a learning experience in the heart of nature. From co-education with parents to teaching in nature, the school offers an incomparable environment for developing the full potential of every human being who walks through its doors. To this combo, we’ve added an eco-responsible orientation, with students working each year on a project to raise awareness of respect for the environment. These include composting, a virtual thrift shop, the eco-bico brigade, and so on. It’s all part of the school’s mission to make children happy, alert and engaged.

What’s more, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc has much to offer families who want to settle here: nature, the great outdoors, wide-open spaces – it’s the perfect place to find peace and quiet, magnificent scenery and friendly residents, all within easy reach of all the essential facilities.

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The range of schools in the Mauricie region is extensive and well developed. Access to innovative schooling is close at hand, and educational projects are springing up all over the place. The people of our community are at the heart of all these great projects, and they have the space they need to implement their ideas.

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