La Bezotte, the Soul of a Village and a Family Story

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Yamachiche is one of those villages in the Mauricie region known for its string of magnificent 19th-century red-brick houses.  Among these is La Bezotte, a café, a restaurant, a theatre, a magnificent terrace, where in the evening, the cooking is done in front of you. It’s been an important part of the village since 2018. It’s a place where you can sip a good latte, savour dishes made with local ingredients and get together to enjoy a unique performance. In short, it’s where people like to “bezotter” (read here, have a good time).

From Brothers-in-Law to Co-Owners

Family is the key to this wonderful project. La Bezotte is the story of Daniel and his brother-in-law Sam, who decided during a holiday party to join forces and go into business for themselves. As a construction worker, Daniel didn’t build blocks; he knocked them down. For the businessman, it was a matter of course to set up a café that would bring people together. As soon as he arrived in the municipality in 1998, he was able to take his place in the Yamachiche community. Whether through his involvement in the creation of the Rafales soccer club, his role as town councillor or the organization of evening shows, Daniel has had the space to develop on many levels. It was during the evening shows in particular that he noticed a strong need in his community to get together.

As for Sam, he was working in the restaurant trade in the City of Québec and was keen to return to his home village, where his father had run a convenience store and his grandfather a restaurant. For him, moving to Yamachiche meant a better quality of life. Daniel’s initial idea of creating a small café with pastries took a completely different turn thanks to Sam and his expertise. “It became something else, something even better,” as Daniel would say. 

Proximity, a Very Important Word

The two entrepreneurs have a strong desire to promote local products. It’s important for Daniel and Sam to be the link between local producers, who put so much love into their wonderful products, and the customers who enjoy them every day. This closeness, which Daniel and Sam nurture year after year, can also be felt when you sit in the café, and the people serving you chat and even spend time with you. At the café, you’re served dishes bursting with flavour, but, above all, in a friendly, family atmosphere that makes you want to return again and again.

A Family Village Café

We can’t overlook the fact that La Bezotte is a small team, built first and foremost on family ties. And this is one of the keys to its success. During the café’s first season, Daniel’s daughter-in-law came to train him in service. Then it was Daniel’s son’s turn in the kitchen. More recently, Émile became the café’s head chef. Some time later, a young girl who lives a few streets away from the restaurant joined them. To complete the team, Bonnie, who has a passion for cooking, joined the team after her training in the café kitchen. It was during a visit to the restaurant with friends that Bonnie fell in love with the food and wanted to do her internship there. The match was more than perfect. In no time at all, Bonnie became a part of the family just as if she had always been. Even today, members of the family still come to lend a hand from time to time.

If you’re curious to find out more about the success of this business, head down to the café to ‘bezot’ with Daniel, who will not only provide you with excellent service, but will also passionately tell you the story of La Bezotte and, who knows, inspire you to start your own business.

Café La Bezotte, Yamachiche, 601, rue Sainte-Anne, Yamachiche (Québec) G0X 3L0.

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