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Immensity… a word that means a lot when you think of Le Baluchon resort, located in Saint-Paulin in the Mauricie region. Twenty kilometers of green spaces coexist with several accommodation centres, two chalets, one spa, 1 stable and two gourmet restaurants. Imagine, in just one day you can set off on horseback to explore a landscape with breathtaking scenery, then be pampered at the spa and end up sitting down to a 5-course meal. This is just one of the many experiences available at Le Baluchon. Once you’ve immersed yourself in the world of the resort, you’ll quickly understand what motivates the staff to work at Le Baluchon…even more when you know that what guides all the decisions of the two co-owners, Louis Lessard and Patricia Brouard, from the very beginning, is to create and innovate in an eco-responsible way.

A Strong Mission Supported by the Employees

At Le Baluchon, every member of the team is committed to the company’s mission of caring for customers and providing them with a great experience. It has to be said that the company’s remarkable growth, based on customer satisfaction, is thanks to its employees. Quite simply, the owners have so much confidence in them that this is directly reflected in the teams’ unique skills. There’s no hierarchy… Everyone is equal and has an important place in the organization. All employees are an integral part of the company’s success.

The Essentials: Supporting Your Employees

Le Baluchon has recently set up a residence to house its employees. This initiative speaks volumes, given the housing crisis in Quebec. The main aim is to help employees who seek employment at Le Baluchon but don’t live nearby. They can be accommodated free of charge in this residence while they adjust to their new job and find a place to live. On stormy days, the house can also be used to house and ensure the safety of staff who do not live near the centre, which is of paramount importance. This gesture shows that Le Baluchon, as an employer, understands what is at stake for its employees, and that they are important enough to offer them this huge opportunity. There are no limits for Le Baluchon, a fine example of a human enterprise.

A Goodwill Committee, the Key to Success

At Le Baluchon, listening to our employees is crucial. For several years now, a goodwill committee has existed to bring together representatives from each department and continue to improve working conditions. It is at this meeting that employees represent all the people who make up their team. In this way, conditions always evolve, and the inn can adapt to the realities of the moment. Every employee has the right to make his or her voice and views heard. In short, Le Baluchon gives its employees the space to express themselves, to bring about change, to develop the service, to contribute to the eco-responsible mission, and that’s the key to the company’s success. 

The Coop “Le voisinage du bout du monde”

Since 2012, a cooperative of local farmers has been quietly taking root on the resort’s land. For Louis and Patricia, it has always been their wish to develop a close-knit culture with farmers and budding entrepreneurs. The Coop gives them the opportunity to share and exchange ideas with each other and to evolve within a community of people who are just like them. It also offers the opportunity to develop a plot of land for cultivation, giving farmers free access to the land and the chance to go into business. Today, if you take a stroll around the Baluchon, you’ll find a cattle, pig and lamb farm. In addition, products from a number of other local producers can be found on the shelves of the Au bout du monde eco-café. The 60,000 annual visitors become their public market. It’s an inspiration to the many employees who are also committed to the Baluchon’s eco-friendly mission. 

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