Lots of places to enjoy life

From local stars at a nearby club to the distant stars you see in the  night sky, there’s always something entertaining going on in Mauricie. Sometimes we’ll even take it off the beaten path or to the streets for some festive fun. No matter what you like, there are infinite options indoors and outdoors to suit every taste all year round.

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Whether you’re hiking solo or with family, sharing a good meal with friends, checking out your favourite band or scoring the winning goal, fun can be found everywhere you turn in Mauricie. With a ton of activities all year round, we guarantee you that doing nothing will never be an option.

Visit Mauricie and say hi to our happy families, friendly neighbours, international students, entrepreneurs, workers, and people who love people. Lots of people to meet
La Mauricie

This project is made possible by the generous contribution of our partners.
A huge thanks to everyone.