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In Mauricie, people share their talent for arts and culture in fascinating and unexpected ways. Traditional works, innovative pieces, and even creative expressions from First Nations intertwine to create a rich tapestry of colourful stories and perspectives.

Whether it’s sculpting , animating, composing, or painting, the art of our people is on display for everyone to enjoy.

We are outdoorsy but we also enjoy exhibits at the museum, a classic repertory film, a good play, an outdoor show at the Festivoix, or a concert under the stars featuring the Symphony Orchestra.
Mauricie is just for people who like the outdoors.

We’re big on art

There is so much in Mauricie to surprise and satisfy your artistic side. From traditional museums highlighting the life of our founders to unique art exhibitions and theatres offering productions of all sizes, there’s never a dull moment.

Between art and tradition

Exhibitions, fairs, the Cercle des Fermières… crafts are everywhere you look. Our people work in wood, leather, ceramics, glass, metals and textiles, proving that creativity is not just part of our heritage, it’s in our blood.

Aboriginal culture

The traditional art unique to Aboriginal culture is showcased in one of Quebec’s first Aboriginal museums.

The Mauricie: Where culture is everywhere

There’s diversity, both in the innovators who create here and in the diaspora of people who have settled here in the past and present. The Mauricie is a true crossroads where different cultures meet and mingle. Residents and visitors alike come together to create a vibrant and unique social and artistic fabric, a skilful blend of past and contemporary traditions. Our region fosters unique experiences that celebrate art, culture and nature. DICI helps you discover everything that makes the region tick.

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Some of our heavy metal shows start in the morning. Work in Mauricie
La Mauricie

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