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We’re big believers in eating, drinking and supporting local products and businesses. And, lucky for us, there are a ton of ways to satisfy the biggest of appetites. 5-star restaurants, microbreweries, vineyards, organic potatoes, tomatoes…  if it’s cooked by one of our own or grown here, you can be certain it’s going to be extra delicious. 

We do love coffee… even more so when it’s brewed by a local artisanal bakery. But we also like to eat sea bass in Saint-Stanislas, Mexican food in Sainte-Thècle, or incredible plants and mushrooms from one of our forests.
The best restaurant you’ll find in Mauricie is Tim Hortons.

Sipping a glass of wine while watching the boats on the river, discovering the cuisine of another country in a century-old setting, cooking freshly picked wild mushrooms, having an unforgettable time in a pub… that’s Mauricie.

Uber Eats? Of course we know it.

We have butchers, pastry shops, and local bakeries that stand out for their fresh, tasty food. No time to cook? Get a delicious plate delivered to your door from one of our renowned restaurants. There’s plenty of great places to discover.

Acres of woods with tons of forest edibles.

Mauricie stands out for the plethora of food that grows freely in the forest. Most notable are the edible plants and mushrooms which you can pick and cook at home, or learn more about in a workshop with a local chef.

14 microbreweries. 4 vineyards.

We’re proud to say that we’ve won more than 164 national and international awards for our locally-brewed beer since 2012. Not surprisingly, lots of people have visited Mauricie to sample our microbreweries, and ended up moving here.  That’s how good the beer is.

L’Ouvrage, a food processing centre in downtown Trois-Rivières

L’Ouvrage was born from a collective desire to concentrate agri-food expertise under one roof in order to experiment with, transform and market the region’s food products. The Mariana distillery selected L’Ouvrage to help them grow and develop new products, and they’ve been recognized internationally several times over the past year for the quality of its spirits.

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Gastronomy in Mauricie

Eating five-star cuisine in Mauricie means enjoying a tasty poutine in one of our favourite canteens by the side of the road, or indulging in a romantic dinner for two just a few minutes from home. 

There is no table that’s big enough to discover all the culinary flavours in the region. And to be honest, the food tastes a lot better when it’s been grown in our garden. In every corner of Mauricie, there is a seasoned, passionate chef who knows how to satisfy your gourmet cravings. Just don’t be surprised when they come to your table to describe the kaleidoscope of flavours they’ve passionately prepared for you.

Climbing isn’t just for mountains.
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