Our sports facilities make a big difference in the lives of locals because we love to be active. From weekend warriors  to serious athletes who are training for bigger things, we’re equipped for all kinds of activities at all levels.

Our indoor sports facilities

Our indoor sports facilities are equipped for summer and winter sports like soccer or skating. That means you can pursue your favourite activities all year long. In addition to arenas, swimming pools, artificial grass courts and Olympic-sized rinks, there are also surprising facilities like ninja courses, climbing walls and BMX trails.

Unique in Canada.

A snow park on the roof of a skatepark is as wild as it sounds and it’s the only place in the country to experience it.

Blue, white, red.

We’re home to a huge refrigerated outdoor ice rink built to NHL standards.

From college to professional.

We’re fanatic about our five local teams: Lions, Eagles, Cats, Pats and Diablos.

Les Défis du Parc

A major sporting event in La Mauricie National Park.

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Our outdoor sports facilities

With all the land there is in Mauricie, outdoor sports are a given. Each town and village has a good number of outdoor sports facilities and fields to get your game on. Soccer, baseball, football, tennis, hockey, skating, BMX and golf are just the tip of the iceberg. Love biking? There are paths everywhere. If you’ve never experienced a bike ride in the Mauricie park during the fall, it’s well worth the detour.

Raising young athletes isn’t something we take lightly. In Mauricie, we want to see them have fun in a safe place. Living in Mauricie
La Mauricie

This project is made possible by the generous contribution of our partners.
A huge thanks to everyone.