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Higher education, technical careers, science and technology, health, arts… there are so many opportunities here.And they’re all made better by passionate people eager to share what they know. In Mauricie, we believe it takes knowledge, curiosity, guts and a big community of people to cultivate a space for the ambitious and innovative. Are you ready?


2 CEGEPS + 2 colleges = a wide range of really interesting technical programs. From ambulance transport, fashion marketing and childhood education, to graphic design, animal health, police intervention and radiography, there are plenty of opportunities for you.



Professional career centers

Our professional career centers are a gateway to a large number of skilled trades. Whether you’re interested in assembling small electronic parts or large engines that make a lot of noise, there’s a programme just for you. You can even learn how to make watches.



With close to 371 programs offered at UQTR, there’s something for everyone. If you dream of being a chiropractor, biomedical scientist, engineer, accountant, or philosopher, this is the place to do it. Want something a little more unique? UQTR is the only university to offer a bachelor in midwifery.


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