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A four-day work week, a committee for the continuous improvement of working conditions, training, discussions, dinner conferences, an expense account for each employee and even a two-day Christmas party – that’s the cocktail of enviable benefits that ProgressionLIVE offers its talented staff. The company, which specializes in digital transformation, and more specifically in software for SMEs in the plumbing, heating and electrical sectors, was recently named “Employer of Choice” in Trois-Rivières, where it is based.

A Founder Who Got It Right

Louis-Philippe, one of the two founders of ProgressionLIVE, has had a fairly straightforward career path. As soon as he left school, he did his work training in electricity as a programmer on large construction sites. As a student at the time, he quickly realized that there was enormous potential in computerizing a number of tasks that were still being carried out on paper. That’s when Louis-Philippe created his first quality control software on a Palm Pilot (forerunner of the iPhone). We don’t want to betray his age, but we’re talking about the 2000s. Some time later, it was inevitable for him to go quietly into business. As the years passed, ProgressionLIVE gained ground and more and more employees joined the team.

Enviable Working Conditions

Like many businesses, the pandemic brought both advantages and disadvantages. For ProgressionLIVE, a number of good things came out of it. For the past year and a half, employees have been working four days a week and being paid five. In addition, each employee has their own little expense account and can, as they see fit, go out for lunch with colleagues, buy a book or take part in a sporting activity. A committee for the continuous improvement of working conditions has been set up to update company policies and listen to the needs of the team. At ProgressionLIVE, you can also take part in lunchtime conferences and, sometimes, present a passion of yours to your team. To top it all off, their employee Christmas party lasts two days!

ProgressionLIVE in the Mauricie region

For many years, the company’s offices were located in the great metropolis of Montréal, but now there is just one in Trois-Rivières. A native of Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Louis-Philippe felt the need to return to his roots and settle in the Mauricie region. For him, living in a big city meant wasting time, being far from nature and paying excessive property prices. Instead, he preferred to come and enjoy the vastness of his native land. A keen snowshoer, kayaker and cyclist, he’s still discovering exceptional places in our region.

The Same Services as the Big Cities

Initially, moving back to Mauricie was not a strategic move for the company. The only reason was to be closer to his family. But Louis-Philippe soon came to the conclusion that Mauricie was a prime location for his business. Halfway between Montréal and the City of Québec, close to a university, it is also home to the offices of a number of major companies. What’s more, entrepreneurs are very well looked after in Mauricie, notably by support partners and socio-economic organizations that are extremely available and accessible. In the larger centres, it’s sometimes harder to find your way around, given the size of the metropolis and the sheer number of organizations to turn to.

ProgressionLIVE is a company that is thriving in its community and carving out a special place for itself in our beautiful Mauricie region. We’re proud that a company like ProgressionLIVE has chosen our part of the country as the place to do business and offer quality jobs.

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