Les Chenaux

Les Chenaux is all about small fish and big ones too. As we like to say, we’ve got one foot in the water, one foot in the woods, and plenty of fields in between. We’re proud of our roots, our builders and the heritage they’ve left us. From the producer to the craftsman, to the SME (small or medium-sized enterprise), it’s the spirit of fraternity that inhabits the community and its territory.

In Les Chenaux, we’re bold and tight-knit. We have room to innovate and do things differently. We like to surprise and share our great pleasures. From our festivals and numerous gatherings, to our indoor or outdoor shows, whatever the season…

Discover Les Chenaux
  1. The Parc de la rivière Batiscan is a well-kept secret. Of its many activities, the striking Via Ferrata, bordered by the river, is unique in the region. In summer and winter alike, there’s fun to be had at Domaine Enchanteur.

  2. The suspended labyrinth, four-storey aerial course 25 feet in the air, is worth its dose of palpitations! In winter, you can explore 15 km of icy trails in the middle of the forest, something to delight the whole family!

  3. We generously benefit from the fresh products of our agricultural producers in welcoming and festive public markets.

165m zip lines and a 200m Via Ferrata

overlooking the breathtaking landscapes of the majestic Batiscan River and its tumultuous waters, in in a welcoming and friendly regional park.

3 routes to discover the region’s heritage and history

Voix des bâtisseurs, Circuit des murales and Sacré circuit.

97% of the area is zoned agricultural

enough to tell us that Les Chenaux is more than just tom cod.

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