La Tuque


La Tuque is a land of real people, both inside and out. It’s home to friendly, ambitious, daring and generous people who love the great outdoors, authenticity and who have an adventurous spirit. La Tuque is a forest town that resembles us and is home to real people.

In La Tuque, you’ll find real nature to experience real adventures. But above all, we have good people. Whether you’re in La Tuque, Opitciwan, La Bostonnais, Wemotaci or Lac-Édouard, you say what you think and do what you say. In the heart of the forest, between the St-Maurice River and peace and quiet, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy spending time. That’s probably why there are more cottages than houses here.

Discover La Tuque
  1. There are never any traffic lineups in La Tuque, except when the train goes by. So, you could say that you’re always five minutes away from happiness, whether it’s time to go grocery shopping, pick up the kids from daycare or go skiing.

  2. Moose hunting is a way of life here in autumn. There’s a reason we’ve been celebrating at the Hunting Festival with our finest antlers for the past 50 years!

  3. La Tuque is one of the towns in Quebec, where the cost of living is very affordable. It’s possible to buy a house early in your career without breaking the bank!

With its 30,000 km2, it’s as big as Belgium.

La Tuque is a huge playground for year-round fun.

La Tuque has an alpine ski centre right in the town

next to the high school.

In La Tuque, all means of transportation are good.

Car, motorbike, bike, quad, snowmobile, train and even seaplane.

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La Mauricie

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