A land of people with multiple histories, from storytellers of the past to passionate entrepreneurs. People rooted in their environment, close to their community and ready to develop it. People who come together, who are calm and active (especially outdoors). The Mékinac RCM is a simple, rural place to live, untouched by nature and brimming with local people.

In Mékinac, there’s room to grow, to build, to flourish. Our backyards are made up of fields, forests as far as the eye can see, lakes at every turn, rivers with a variety of water sports and even vineyards. It’s enough space to not
and, at the same time, to get to know and bond with your neighbors.

In Mékinac, you can live here and even rent a cottage. In just 15 minutes, you’re in the middle of nowhere. In Mékinac, we fully embrace our rural character, and traffic is virtually non-existent, except for 10 days a year during the Festival Western de St-Tite. Otherwise, since there are almost no traffic lights, it’s more likely that morning chats with the neighbor or the village barista will set you back a few minutes!

Discover Mékinac
  1. Canada’s biggest kite festival, Festi-Volant, is held here every year in the middle of winter in Grandes-Piles.

  2. A first-ever summer hot sauce was concocted by their local producers, Mékin’aie aie aie!

  3. The Matawin River offers the longest stretch of continuous Class 3 and 4 rapids in Quebec. A 9 km run that’s sure to please whitewater enthusiasts!

12.1% of the active population of Mekinac owns a business.

That’s more than the majority of Quebecers. And there’s still plenty of room to go into business.

Enough to sweeten the beak.

The Mékinac region is home to 44 maple syrup producers, who account for more than half of the taps in the Mauricie region.

One of the top 5 major events in Quebec.

10 days a year, the town of Saint-Tite grows from around 3,600 to over 600,000 people during its famous Western Festival.

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