Shawinigan is a land of people who have their city tattooed on their hearts! No wonder, Shawi has the best of both worlds: a harmonious blend of urbanity and nature that gives you the feeling of being on holiday at all times. It’s an effervescent town on a human scale, where hospitality, solidarity and innovation are all part of our people’s values.

Shawinigan draws its energy from an industrial era that is as unique as it is fascinating. In addition to generous natural resources, it has had to rely on the courage and daring of men and women whose pioneering spirit continues to keep the city’s energy alive. Today, Shawi is proud to be the third-largest digital hub in Quebec and a key player in the Valley of Energy Transition. In Shawi, everyone can take advantage of a cultural calendar that has the whole region buzzing, while the rivers, lakes and forests are always there to recharge, refresh and play. In fact, just about everyone in Shawinigan can get their feet wet in the Saint-Maurice River… and in beer.

Discover Shawinigan
  1. Shawinigan’s urban plan is inspired by New York’s. Our city centre also has its own 5th Street, Broadway Avenue and a large park in the heart of the city, Parc Saint-Maurice.

  2. It’s well known that the people of Shawinigan say “Shawi” in common usage, so much so that this habit, marking a deep sense of local pride, has even spread outside the city limits. (Now that we know each other, you’ll be able to say Shawi!)

  3. Shawinigan has long been known as the little Niagara of the East because of its spectacular waterfalls.

  4. Shawinigan means Achawenekane, which means “portage over the ridge” in Attikamek. This name refers to the large waterfall that had to be bypassed by climbing up the rocky bank when canoeing down the river.

La Mauricie National Park is an international tourist attraction.

A true Canadian jewel of ecological and wildlife preservation, with an area larger than the island of Montreal, it is one of only three national parks in Canada to remain open year-round.

It’s 130 km of navigable rivers

to paddle, swim, criss-cross and contemplate in Shawi.

DigiHub, an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The DigiHub is based in downtown Shawinigan, offering the entire ecosystem needed to support entrepreneurs in realizing their various business ideas related to digital development.

People, who nourish body and spirit by their creations that grow, are born and created at every turn of the road. Discover Maskinongé
La Mauricie

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