Home to lively, motivated people, Trois-Rivières offers plenty of intensity per square foot. There’s always something to do in this vibrant, historical, cultural city with a thousand gourmet addresses. The playground is wide open. Trois-Rivières is great for the spirit, the curious and the need to feast your eyes, your stomach and your heart on our people.

With its rich industrial past, Trois-Rivières proudly displays its history and culture: 400 years of history, 20 festivals, over 300 restaurants, 50 pubs and bars, 10 museums and numerous theatres. Trois-Rivières’s economy is as vibrant as it is innovative, creative and limitless. An airport, a port and rail access make it a prime location for businesses from all horizons. A true crossroads of knowledge, it boasts a university, 3 CEGEPs, 3 college centres and numerous research chairs and units.

Discover Trois-Rivières
  1. Trois-Rivières is a triple capital: paper capital of the world, poetry capital and cultural capital of Canada. TRès capitale! (very capital)

  2. 3rd best city in Canada to live in, according to a recent survey. TRès chaleureuse (very welcoming)

  3. Trois-Rivières’ Old Prison, now a tourist attraction, inspired the producers of the Batman video game: Arkham Asylum.

  4. Founded in 1634, Trois-Rivières is the second-oldest French-speaking city in North America! TRès historique! (very historic)

The Amphithéâtre Cogeco presents Cirque du Soleil.

Each year it hosts an original production celebrating Quebec culture.

A unique sports centre in Canada.

Only in Trois-Rivières can you have a snow park on the roof of a skatepark.

A bit of mischief dating back to Jacques Cartier!

There aren’t really 3 rivers in Trois-Rivières, but a single river divided into three channels.

In the heart of the forest, between the Saint-Maurice River and peace and quiet, La Tuque is the place for real adventures in the great outdoors. Discover La Tuque
La Mauricie

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