Mauricie’s new brand image stems from a shared desire to highlight our region’s distinctiveness, create a personality as strong as that of our citizens, and convey strong messages with a unified voice. Its goal is to proudly position Mauricie in the province of Québec and internationally, boost local pride, and attract tourists, students, families and a quality workforce.

Let’s show our prideLet’s demonstrate our personalityLet’s highlight our identity


Mauricie is a land of people, a land of play, a land of rivers, lakes, towns, parks, the St. Lawrence, fields and forests.

It’s a place for all kinds of shows: those that make a lot of noise and those that you can watch in the evening on your porch.

Mauricie is a land full of life, views and knowledge as far as the eye can see.

It’s a region off the beaten track, even in the city, even in the middle of the street.

It’s a region ripe for undertaking and exploring the many possibilities, especially those that have never been invented.

It’s a region for bringing your ideas to life, for climbing faster and higher, and not just when hiking.

In the Mauricie region, we know that to create a breeding ground for ambitious innovators, you need knowledge, curiosity, guts and lots of people.

Plenty of down-to-earth people and resourceful people who work hard and hustle hard: builders, fixers, techies, and those with lots of ingenuity.

People who are passionate about nature and naturally passionate.

People who are capable of anything, but, above all, of being really happy.

People who love people, who love accomplished families as well as welcoming neighbours and colleagues.

People who love international students and newcomers.

In the Mauricie region, we’re right in the middle of Québec and ready to put all our energy into helping the province thrive.

It’s an energy that comes from our rivers, our wind, our industries and our people.

We’re a population ready to move forward, but always without stepping on each other’s toes.

It’s time to

Let’s get Mauricie moving by putting it on center stage, truly being Mauricie citizens, and go forwarding with pride.

La Mauricie.

Grounded in our people


Mauricie’s new brand image is the result of being totally immersed in the region and the authenticity of the people who forge it, as well as in-depth reflection and comprehensive analyses. This brand, accompanied by a visual platform, logo, colours, textures and key messages, will guide all our marketing communications for years to come.


Our discovery: the Mauricie region is distinguished by two unique aspects: proximity and vastness.

Mauricie will achieve its dream of economic development and appeal by positioning itself as a region where its proximity is in its immensity and its immensity is in its proximity. These strategic words guided the creative process and continue to inspire every message and action.


  • Our position in the province of Québec: 90 minutes from almost everything.
  • Accessible to everything: culture, nature, sports, cities, rivers, etc.
  • Close relationships in welcoming, reassuring communities.
  • Easier access to achieve one’s life goals.


  • All the room you need to breathe, to escape.
  • The immensity of what we can be as individuals.
  • Our land, grandiose and raw, but so accessible at the same time.
  • The immensity of our economic and entrepreneurial potential.



When Mauricie is in, it’s all in. The region lets its personality shine through—authentically. It’s sincere and spontaneous. It’s raw to the core. Mauricie offers everything you need to explore off the beaten track.

A bold logo

Inspired by the expansiveness of the Mauricie region, the M permeates every landscape, in town or in the countryside. It acts as a potent symbol that will ensure effective brand recognition.


The Mauricie region has a history of builders; it has always been resilient and lively. When faced with an obstacle, Mauricie rises to the occasion by knowing how to renew itself. Its strength lies in attracting innovative people.

A logo that can evolve

A living logo that changes shape and colour to suit different contexts and uses. An image that shows how close our people are to the vastness of our land.


Mauricie is bold, nuanced, and full of life and points of view. It takes on the colour of every season, every village and every community. It’s alive with diverse people, vibrant festivals and remarkable attractions.

A colour palette rich in contrasts

Far from clichéd, this diverse palette offers beautiful harmonies and plenty of scope for various combinations.


The Mauricie region is all about togetherness and bringing people together. It’s filled with people who love people. It’s with this warm spirit, in the middle of Québec, that it welcomes others in friendly ways that are all its own.

Grounded in our people

This powerful message that speaks not only to the diversity of our territory (natural and built), but also to the diversity of the people who inhabit it. It leaves room for pride in being part of a people of builders, ingenious people and hard workers.


La Mauricie

This project is made possible by the generous contribution of our partners.
A huge thanks to everyone.