Mauricie is a reassuring, inclusive, diverse, and welcoming region. In Mauricie, we like to discover differences and similarities. We like to learn more about the culture of the people who make up OUR land of people. Immigrating requires a good dose of courage, determination, sacrifice, openness, and flexibility. Mauricie citizens will support you through that snowstorm or that river or trail you have to cross.

Mauricie welcomes newcomers from all over the world. Whether they come from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America or Europe, they all have the same goal: to put down roots in a calm, welcoming and inclusive region.

You’ll find grocery stores offering international specialties and products, restaurants with Oriental, Asian or Mexican flavours, and various places of worship.

Above all, your family will benefit from schools where your children can develop their artistic, scientific, sporting or entrepreneurial skills in a peaceful environment.

We’ll also have a lot of fun getting to know each other by taking part in various activities that celebrate living together.

Discovering a new environment, finding your bearings, and adapting to a new reality can take time. That’s why our host organizations help newcomers and families settle in and integrate within Mauricie communities.
Depending on the area where you want to live, we can offer you a variety of services. Don’t hesitate to ask! Our doors are always open.

We can:

  • Offer you a tour of your new territory/city
  • Provide advice and referrals on accommodation and transportation options
  • Assist you with administrative formalities
  • Inform you about services for your family’s needs: education, daycare, health, etc.
  • Refer you to Francization courses or employability organizations
  • Help you through winters in Québec!


Every year, Mauricie welcomes more and more talented people like you, recruited directly from abroad. You choose to put down roots in the region to offer your children a better future and support our tourism industry, agricultural producers, and manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Employers in our communities work hard to make you feel welcome. In some cases, they can assist in finding accommodations. They’ll also ensure you get the right training to understand Quebec’s work environments, and offer on-the-job Francization whenever possible and necessary.

Already in Québec? Specialized employability organizations in the Mauricie region will welcome you and help you find a job that will make the most of your skills and qualifications in a friendly, caring and safe environment.

We’re here to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Here are a few addresses of organizations dedicated to the arrival of our new neighbours. You’ll also find a few favourites from Mauricie residents!

Good places to settle down in Mauricie (French version)
A land of people who love newcomers. Live in Mauricie
La Mauricie

This project is made possible by the generous contribution of our partners.
A huge thanks to everyone.