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Karl and Léo

We lead a good life

Exploring all the beauty that each season holds for us is one of our great joys in Mauricie. It’s a great place for those who want a little  peace but still need to be close to the action. Where people are always ready to come together and  lend a hand, if you need one.  Out here, you really do get  so much more for your money.

The development of eco-neighborhoods and the construction of new houses are booming. Best part? The cost of acquiring a single-family home is 2 times cheaper than in Montreal.
The homes in Mauricie are old. It’ll take you a long time to find something you like.

Joy in the little things

Breathing in the fresh air, gazing at the stars, and feeling the wind on our faces.

Watching our kids and their friends chalk up the street.

Surprises around every corner.

La Mauricie has three hospitals, including one in La Tuque, and several CLSCs, medical clinics and private clinics throughout its territory.
If you’re injured or sick and far from Trois-Rivières, good luck.

Growing up in Mauricie

Everyone here knows that Mauricie is a safe place to raise your kids, with plenty of daycare centres and schools for them to learn and grow while having fun. It’s also ideal for parents and people who want to experience all that life has to offer. So whether you prefer the charm of a small village, the hustle of a big city, the tranquillity of a farmhouse, or the luxury of a condo on the waterfront, life is good in Mauricie, any way you look at it.

Our schools and daycares
Homes for every taste
Good places to settle down in mauricie (french version)
Children grow up fast. When it comes to post-secondary education, there are plenty of options in Mauricie. Study in Mauricie
La Mauricie

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A huge thanks to everyone.