From dream homes to secret hideaways, the properties are priced lower here. That means more money in your pockets for the things you really enjoy. So whether you prefer living in town, in the countryside, a cottage, a house, a farmhouse, or a condo, there’s a little piece of paradise for everyone in Mauricie. 

The best 2 for 1 deal

A condo
on the Plateau
A house in
A cottage in

Compared to
large cities

Based on the price of a single-family home.

Watch the boats from your condo

With 17,500 lakes and rivers, the spectacular views are as far as the eye can see and, most times, right out your window.

Live in a nice house close to all services

Mauricie is all about enjoying the hustle of the city but still  having plenty of space at home to escape it when you need a little peace.

Growing vegetables on a farmhouse in Saint-Thècle

In Mauricie, we always go back to the  basics. The vegetables on our plates proudly come from our fields and gardens. It’s about giving yourself time to create and enjoy life’s best moments.

Spending peaceful weekends at the cottage

Living and travelling in the same region is possible in Mauricie. Throughout the year, no matter the season, nature provides plenty of reasons to get out and  discover the breathtaking landscapes all around us.

Have chickens… even in a residential area

Who said you have to live in the country to have chickens? In Mauricie, you can enjoy tranquillity, privacy,  a sense of security and, if your heart desires,  fresh eggs anytime you want.

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Wilderness camping, gourmet dinners, classical concerts or team sports? With so much to experience, we know how to ‘carpe diem’ all day, every day. Lots of ways to live life
La Mauricie

This project is made possible by the generous contribution of our partners.
A huge thanks to everyone.