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Whether you’re studying French, English, Spanish,or even juggling and cooking, learning is always an adventure. Proof? Sometimes a classroom is a laboratory, and sometimes it’s even a forest.  That’s because the region is overflowing with professionals who use creative ways to teach, so each child learns, develops and grows in a close-knit, extremely fun atmosphere.

Even the school hallways feel like home.

There’s an unmistakably warm atmosphere when you walk through the hallways of any big or small school in Mauricie. Whether they’re in elementary or high school, the kids always know the secretaries and cleaning staff, as well as they know their teachers. It’s fun, safe and feels like family – the way learning should be.

New initiatives to create safe spaces for our young children

Several cities, companies, and organizations are innovating by setting up workplace daycare centers for employees and the community. Financial support programs are also being implemented by several RMCs and cities in the region to offer new family daycare options.

We’re home to neighbourhood schools, specialized schools and special projects.

In fact, there are over 90 elementary schools and 16 high schools in Mauricie.

We use innovative, fun teaching methods to engage our children.

We go beyond the regular curriculum to offer kids the chance to learn fun, unique things. Of course, there’s physical education and music, but there’s also circus arts, and classes in laboratories, the forest, and local gardens that will open their minds, invite them to embrace new values and  introduce them to the world.

Slowing down for the safety of our children

Several cities and municipalities have set maximum speed limits in residential neighbourhoods at 30 km/h for the safety of our children.

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Going to school is never on a bike, scooter, school bus, city bus, or hitching a ride with mom or dad,  there are plenty of ways to make your morning commute enjoyable.

Kids grow up fast. There are plenty of options for post-secondary education in Mauricie. Study in Mauricie
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