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We’re always eager to turn the best ideas into reality. We love climbing higher and faster, far beyond the hiking trails. We have a strong work ethic, ambitious spirit, and our happiness comes before anything else. We’re always ready to entertain the biggest ideas because we have plenty of room to grow.  The builders, innovators, and ingenious minds that live here fearlessly tackle and overcome every challenge that comes their way, embodying our community’s relentless drive to make things happen.

In addition to being a leader in green technologies, Mauricie is Quebec’s third-largest IT hub. But, if small shops are what you’re really interested in, we are home to impressive start-ups who are making waves in the transport and manufacturing sectors.
There are only small shops in Mauricie, and no real place to build a career.

Sectors that stand out

Machine design and manufacturing

Recognized throughout Quebec, the Mauricie manufacturing sector is impressive. Our companies design and manufacture large machines, high-precision machining parts and outstanding mechanical assemblies. It’s a booming sector so there are plenty of specialized, high-level positions available that offer exciting challenges.

Information Technologies (IT)

The IT sector plays a key role in the economic development of Mauricie. As Quebec’s third largest IT hub, we specialize in IT for manufacturing and business services. Now that digital 4.0
is here, we even have the IT Campus- a specialized IT training center, if you’re interested in this domain as a career.

Green technologies

Mauricie is widely recognized as the cradle of Quebec’s green technologies. We are officially recognized as the 3rd largest innovation zone by the Vallée de la transition énergétique. There are several world-class innovation and research centers, international manufacturers for charging stations and batteries, a specialized wind turbine manufacturing plant, biotechnology expertise and plenty of initiatives to develop biomass energy, solar technology and residual materials recovery centers.

Food processing

To underscore our position as a true economic leader, Mauricie is the third most important employer in the manufacturing sector and food processing sector with big and small businesses. From ground to table, our people stand out in a big way. Our microbreweries have won several national and international awards. And, not to brag but, we make the best poutine in Quebec. Microbreweries alone account for more than 200 jobs in Mauricie, placing the region in 7th place in Quebec.

Furniture production and design

With a thriving furniture production and design sector, Mauricie has catapulted Quebec design onto the global stage. Whether it’s small artisans or large companies, wood, stone, glass or metals, the expertise and craftsmanship that our people exhibit each and every day are valuable assets and have been a great source of pride for decades.


The Mauricie region has exceptional transport infrastructure. An airport that can accommodate all types of aircraft, a port, a railway and motorways form an efficient multimodal platform for logistics and freight transport. Several transport companies are even specialized in non-standard transport. We have the expertise to transport 126 tonnes of equipment 87 meters long by land in Mauricie.

Arts, culture, tourism

From poetry to country music, Mauricie is a hotspot for arts and culture. Host of many world famous festivals, our region has seen the birth and growth of a multitude of artists. From performing arts to crafts, we’re never lacking for talent. Arts, culture and tourism play an important role in Mauricie, especially for job opportunities.

Electrical and electronic systems

The electrical and electronic systems industry in Mauricie stands out for a unique concentration of companies. Our plants specialize in electronic engineering (electrical and mechanical), mechatronics, and control panel and energy storage manufacturing. Several of them serve on-road and off-road vehicle markets, which positions them well in the ecosystem of the Vallée de la Transition énergétique that are currently being launched.

La vallée de la transition énergétique (VTE)

Deployed between Bécancour, Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan, in partnership with the UQTR and various specialized research centers, the VTE intends to become a national and global reference in three important axes: the battery sector, the electrification of transportation, as well as the hydrogen and industrial and port decarbonization. Various stakeholders in research, industry, education and entrepreneurship are joining forces in Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec regions to develop Québec’s third-largest innovation zone.

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