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Originally from France, William Menvielle chose the Mauricie region as the place to live, to start a family, to get involved and, above all, to work – in other words, to teach. William has been a professor of business administration at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) for many years now. Involved in his university community from the outset, he was recently appointed director of the doctorate in business administration.

Charmed by Quebec

It’s already been 29 years since William arrived on Québec soil. He first came to Quebec for a university internship. Charmed, William returned two years later as an exchange student, left again and came back two years later to settle for good in the Mauricie region, more specifically in Trois-Rivières. The region’s dynamism appealed to him immediately and, as his wife already had a job in Mauricie, the choice to stay was an obvious one.

A University With Much to Offer

As far as William is concerned, UQTR has something for everyone: from traditional programmes to our university’s own health centres, such as chiropractic and podiatry, which are unique in French-speaking North America. One of our most highly regarded programmes is accounting, which is ranked among the best in Canada. No mean feat for our number crunchers! The university also attracts many international students who choose to join a research unit or are interested in the expertise of a professor. According to William, it is easy to feel at home at our university, which is culturally diverse, with international students from 77 countries.

A University Where You Feel Close to Your World

For William, what makes our university so special is the closeness between professors and students, and between professors from different disciplines. In his opinion, it’s easy to talk to teachers. The professors’ offices are often right in the corridors of the university. Classes are relatively small and you get to know your teacher very well. “Compared to other educational institutions, there is no research assistant between the teacher and the student. Questions are put directly to the teacher. That makes all the difference when it comes to making connections and creating an exchange. You feel that you can play a bigger role as a student, but also as a teacher.” What’s more, the last few years have allowed William to develop and seize opportunities, such as co-developing specific classes in marketing. “At UQTR, there’s a lot of room for development if that’s what the teacher wants.”

Leading a Good Life in Mauricie

William’s busy schedule still allows him to lead a good life and make the most of his free time with his family. As the father of three daughters, weekends are often dominated by the sporting and artistic activities in which his three teenage daughters take part. In the past, when things weren’t as busy, he and his family would take advantage of their magnificent woodlot. They loved spending time logging and landscaping. While the parents corded wood, the girls played at making tree houses in the woods. “We discovered some beautiful flora and fauna.” As soon as spring appeared, they liked to take advantage of the CMB mountain bike trails behind the yard of their house. Quite practical! In winter, the family also stayed active and enjoyed skiing at Vallée du Parc, just a few minutes from their house.

The proximity of services and the balance of life that the family finds in Mauricie is what motivates them to stay here. “All the services are close by. And we don’t waste time on the roads. It’s only 15 minutes from my front door to my office.” All of which, he says, means he can enjoy life even more. William plans to keep his family in the area for a long time to come.

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